ArtRage for iPad v. 1.4 Launched for New iPad with Retina Display

Ambient Design announced ArtRage for iPad v. 1.4, upgraded for the new iPad’s full Retina high-res display.

Available immediately at the Apple iTunes Store, the new version of ArtRage for iPad is optimized to take full advantage of the new iPad’s crisp high-resolution 2048 x 1536 Retina display.  Colors and details in ArtRage’s painting software are even more vibrant and realistic than before, using the new iPad’s display with 4 times the pixels than the iPad 2.

In addition, ArtRage for iPad v. 1.4 provides a wider range of real world painting tools; unlimited layers to encourage creativity; the largest canvas available on the market for a painting app; advanced digital camera support; and language support of Spanish and Italian (in addition to English, Japanese, Korean, French and German).

New Low Introductory Pricing of $4.99 (Previously $6.99)
ffered at a new lower introductory pricing of $4.99 (previously $6.99), ArtRage for iPad is one of the few products featured in the Apple’s new TV commercial for the new iPad Retina display at: (18 seconds in). ArtRage for iPad lets you become a mobile digital artist on your iPad, providing the experience of actually “painting” digitally on an iPad canvas with oil paints that smear and blend, and watercolors that flow together to create soft, wet gradations, just as they would in a traditional art studio.

ArtRage for iPad Features:
– Digital camera support for referencing and tracing images, importing images, importing to layers, and  loading reference images.
-Largest canvas of any painting app on the market – 2048 x 2048 (4K).
-Realistic color blending.
– Paint stroke recordings can be played back in ArtRage Studio Pro on Mac and Windows.
-ArtRage .PTG file format registered for easier file sharing, importing and exporting.
-Improved Colorpicker.
-Improved workflow.
-Easier to save incremental copies.

General Features:
Real World Painting Tools:
– High quality rendered strokes show the amount of paint on the canvas, letting you play with texture as well as color.
– Oil Brush with thickness and smearing.
– Watercolor tracking tool and paper wetness as you paint.
– Airbrush.
– Palette Knife for spreading and blending pigment.
– Paint Roller & Paint Tube.
– Inking Pen with auto-smoothing and pressure simulation.
– Pencil & Marker Pen and Chalk & Crayon.
– Eraser.
– Flood Fill.
– Settings for fine control of each tool and custom tool presets for storing favorites.

-Unlimited layers.
-Better color blending.
-Easier to save incremental copies.
– Blend Modes, including Photoshop standards.
– Easy access to visibility/opacity.

– Unlimited Undo/Redo.
– Reference & Tracing Images to help you as you paint.
– Unlimited color samples.

ArtRage for iPad allows you to share your painting files with the desktop version via iTunes, so you can add finishing touches or use the editing tools in ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 to tweak your work on your Mac or Windows computer. Available immediately at the promotional price of $4.99 (normally $6.99), ArtRage for iPad v. 1.4 can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. The desktop versions of ArtRage Studio and Studio Pro 3.5 for Mac and Windows are also available with more advanced features, priced now $29.90 and $59.90 (reduced from $40 and $80), see comparison chart at:

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