Hoppit Launches World’s First Ambience Search Engine for Restaurants and Bars

Hoppit, a Manhattan-based startup and the world’s first ambience-based search engine for restaurants, has launched in 25 cities. It is the web’s simplest way to curate the restaurant world.

Hoppit’s tailored ambience and guest-based recommendations are built on an innovative personalization platform and delivered to consumers with just a few clicks.

Consumers can pick from 10 Hoppit “vibes” or atmosphere styles, including: classy & upscale, hipster, watering hole, romantic, cozy & quaint, mad men, trendy & chic and more. Another click selects one of six types of guests accompanying the user. Users can choose “I’m dining with my two-year old,” or one can select friends, family, someone to impress, business colleagues or dining alone. Hoppit’s search results present a full selection of restaurants according to the vibe you want, and include special deals, wherever possible.

“We’ve all been tasked with the proverbial ‘where should we go’ question at some point. How many of us then scour web reviews or email friends or family for their suggestions? Let’s face it: that gets annoying. So, we made the Hoppit app and the Hoppit site to solve this problem,” said Steven Dziedzic, CEO of Hoppit. “Hoppit is a personal concierge that knows the interior and vibe of every restaurant, bar, lounge and café in your city and makes personalized recommendations based on the ambience you are looking for and the type of guests in your party.”

Hoppit’s state-of-the-art natural language processing technology and related algorithms take into account a consumer’s preferences and provide personalized search results. This unique technology is a first in the web-world of restaurant search.

Included in its search process are over 10,000 local food and beverage deals. Hoppit aggregates these deals from sites such as Groupon and Gilt City, and presents them alongside search results. Users can also search in “Deals Only” mode.

Hoppit began investing in its personalization platform in mid 2010. Established by its CEO; a brilliant graphic designer; an engineer with a photographic memory; and one of the world’s most socially outgoing software developers, Hoppit was built by harvesting the vast amount of information available on the Web and creating its own catalog of vibes in turn.

The startup’s management team consists of web pioneers from Pandora, Google, and Pitney Bowes.

Check out at www.hoppit.com on your mobile device or on the web. The Hoppit App for Android and iPhone is scheduled for release in early May.

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